Xan's 20 Questions

What is the character’s Sex?

What is the characters physical size?
Large – both tall and broad. Nobody would need to ask if he even lifts bro.

What is the colour of the character’s hair, eyes, and skin?
Long hair, often worn in a ponytail to keep it out of the way. Natural hair colour is black, though dyed teal. Skin tone slightly paler than the average Japanese citizen. Teal eyes

What is the character’s general appearance?
Stands slightly stooped. Tends to dress fairly casually (black long-sleeved t-shirts, jeans), but also likes to wear WCCL-branded clothes.

Where was the character born?

When is the character’s age?
Date of birth: 28th March 2032

What was the character’s family?
Mother and father separated – grew up with his father. Mother’s location unknown.

Has the character begun their own family?
No – hasn’t put much thought to it, but would probably like to have kids one day.

Where or how was the character educated?
A combination of home-education and learning on the streets.

Has the character ever done anything else for a living?
Has primarily tried to make money via the band – otherwise has picked up the odd job here and there – whatever was available to scrape by.

What are the character’s political and religious beliefs?
Atheist. Relatively liberal – enjoys some “American” entertainments, so potentially more gaijin-friendly than the typical Japanese citizen.

What is the character’s moral code?
Uncomfortable with stealing, and prefers non-lethal means to conflict (though is not opposed to violent resolutions). However, since the acquisition of his cyberware, he has become more pragmatic and, while not his first choice, will resort to theft or killing if the situation genuinely calls for it.

Does the character have any goals?
Would still jump at the chance of making it in the band. If this can’t be, then he also would take any opportunity to fulfil his dream of being a professional WCCL biker.

Why does the character run the shadows?
Money, primarily – food and shelter aren’t free. Following his windfall the money’s running dry, the band apparently isn’t going to pay the bills, and he’ll do what’s necessary to fill his credstick.

What is the characters personality?
Idealistic – despite a series of setbacks, he always believes that the next big opportunity will be just around the corner, and the band’s going to be successful (whether it be musically or otherwise) any day now!
Tends not to get bogged down in the negatives – takes a mildly cheerful view of most things if there’s a potential opportunity present.
Protective of his cousins, and isn’t afraid to use brute force to ensure their safety.

What special qualities does the character possess?
Optimism? That seems pretty special in Shadowrun.

Are there certain things the character just cannot do?
Hasn’t found any hard limits yet.

What does the character hate?
New York Marauders WCCL team

What does the character love?
Classic rock, WCCL (supports the DeeCee Shurikens), and Sakura (his favourite guitar)

What are the character’s names?
Real name: Mamoru Yamazaki
Street name: Axle

Recent History

Axle always believed that he and his cousins could really make a go of it with their band. They just needed that one lucky break, and they’d be on the way to stardom, naturally.

In his usual hang-out, Bubba’s Sports Bar, Axle was placing a few bets on the WCCL games – and a win turned into a couple of wins, which turned into several, which turned into one incredible winning streak. The prize money was growing, the stakes were getting high… and against all the odds, Axle took home the big prize.

With more money than he had ever seen while awake, this was obviously the chance they had been waiting for. Axle set to work setting himself up to support the band as best as possible, and with the help of a Street Doc acquaintance that meant finding the best cyberware – all the top gear to support his playing, the band’s stage shows…

Axle then got slightly carried away. OBVIOUSLY they were going to be discovered and make it big real soon, so the rest of the money went towards a head start on the rock star lifestyle. Fancy place to live, motorbikes (because obviously he’d be so successful that he could even moonlight as a WCCL player)…

However, the big break hasn’t come yet. The money started dwindling, and the band’s prospects didn’t seem to have improved despite all his fancy tech. As such, when the decision was made by the cousins to start running the shadows, Axle spent the last of his money on some extra pieces of kit and got ready to make the best of it.

Xan's 20 Questions

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