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Seamus MacCaomhánach (Scáth)


What is the character’s Sex?

What is the characters physical size?

What is the colour of the character’s hair, eyes, and skin?
Grey skin, black hair and red eyes.

What is the character’s general appearance?
Seamus MacCaomhánach stands at 6’1". He wears a leather greatcoat that drapes over his slender frame and always wears the collar up. He has long, greasy black hair with a “traditional” Vampire Hunter’s hat sitting atop of it. He is a smoker, and habitually bites his fingernails when he is not able to have a cigarette – leaving them torn and misshappen. His coat covers the holster of his side-arm, and is used to try and conceal Seamus’ load-out weapon. As he is a smoker he carries a small brass tobacco tin that he acquired post-humorously from his father. His back is covered in scars from lashings. A once-religious man, he carries a rosary and wears a wooden cross around his neck.

Where was the character born?
Somewhere on the border of Tír Tairngire and the UCAS.

When was the character born?
25th December 2035

What was the character’s family?
Seamus never knew his father. His mother was supposedly widowed after a vampire attacked Seamus’ parents in what would have been Cashell, Co. Tipperary. Mother escaped to Tír Tainrgire, but gave birth on the border of the UCAS after a bio-hazard occurred at the planned hospital. En-route to the back-up hospital, a vampire driver hit his mothers car, resulting in him being unable to have his birth registered. His Mother was later attacked by a third vampire, and this time she turned to a Banshee. Seamus had to kill his own mother to save his own life, and was taken in by a group of Elven Vampire Hunters in Tír Tairngire. Left the sanctuary some time afterwards.

Has the character begun their own family?

Where or how was the character educated?
Was educated by the Vampire Hunters that adopted him. Educated to a good level and is especially knowledgeable in Vampiric Viruses and Methods of Killing a Vampire.

Has the character ever done anything else for a living?
Was an apprentice Vampire Hunter and did take part in a number of successful hunts.

What are the character’s political and religious beliefs?
Seamus has no time or concern for politics. He believes that the political stage is one that is meant for good and great men – and is yet to see anyone suited for the role. Religiously, he believes in the Catholic ideals, but is struggling with his faith at present. However, if ever faced with a great challenge he would always pray for blessings before hand. He always repents for killing, but does not avoid it if he deems it necessary. He is quietly religious, will never preach and has little tolerance for those who do out of office.

What is the character’s moral code?
Seamus wants to be a good person, but is well aware of his moral ambiguity. He will not hesitate to kill someone if they become a threat, whether they mean to be or not.

Does the character have any goals?
To find a cure for Vampirism; whether that’s through the annihilation of all vampires, or a genuine cure.
To hunt down and kill the Banshee that turned his mother.
To find out more about his father, and why his parents were attacked in Tír na Nóg.

Why does the character run the shadows?
He needs money to accomplish his goals.

What is the characters personality?
Hard, Cold, Rash, Aggressive. He does not suffer fools gladly, and has little time for friends. He does have a strange relationship with Talia though and she is the only person he actually trusts.

What special qualities does the character possess?
He is skilled at bar-games (pool, darts, dominos, shove ha’penny)

Are there certain things the character just cannot do?
Quit smoking.

What does the character hate?
Preaching, Banshees and Lycanthropes

What does the character love?
He loves watching people struggle to pronounce his name.

What are the characters names?
Seamus MacCaomhánach (Scáth)

TJ's 20 Questions

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