Tariq's 20 Questions

What is the character’s Sex?

What is the characters physical size?

What is the colour of the character’s hair, eyes, and skin? Dyed white hair, pale skin and brown eyes.

What is the character’s general appearance? Generally non-descript shades of grey and black but high quality clothes. Occasionally adorns fancy tres chic clothing, especially when playing music, but suffering the same affliction as his cousin Yamamoto the colour combinations can lead to shuddering results.

Where was the character born?
Mikura-jima – Japan

What was the character’s family?
Rin was raised on the tiny island of Mikura-jima by poor parents. He ran away (smuggled onto a boat) when he was 14 to Tokyo where he grew up on the streets and fell in with a gang of thieves who became his adopted family. After many years in Tokyo Rin left (fled) to San Francisco where he Joined a band with his cousins as the synth/keys player.

Has the character begun their own family?

Where or how was the character educated?
On the streets of Tokyo.

Has the character ever done anything else for a living?
Used to be a thief in Japan. A good thief for a while but may have stolen too much from too many influential/dangerous people so had to leave Japan to live with relatives in San Francisco.

What are the character’s political and religious beliefs?

Was raised Shinto but does not really think about religion anymore. Best to stay out of politics although has been hired for some, lets say “Diplomatic”, tasks for an involving politicians in the past…

Re-metaraces – Live and let live. He does not understand the anti-meta sentiment of his friends and family (especially those in Japan).

What is the character’s moral code?

Does the character have any goals?
After gaining a passion for vintage synthesizers whilst a young thief and tracking down one of the 3 dream synths he wants (His beloved Roland Juno-60) there are 2 further models he desperately seeks. They are the 1978 Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 and the one and only 1970 Moog Minimoog.

Why does the character run the shadows?
It’s the life he’s known from a young age and there’s not enough money in the SINless music industry.

What is the characters personality?
Reserved, not anti social but not great with people. Let’s his cousin (TJ) do most of the speaking but direct and to the point when he does speak.

What special qualities does the character possess?
Rin is a pretty good synth player although he cannot read music. He learns all of the songs by memory and feel.

He Is also a talented rigger and is quite capable when it comes to getting into places.

Are there certain things the character just cannot do?
He can’t face the idea of speaking to his parents or ever returning to Mikura-jima.

What does the character hate?
Pizza (especially if it is infected with Pineapple)

What does the character love?
His Original 1982 Roland Juno-60.

What are the characters names?
Rin Yamamoto (山本凛) – AKA Juno

Tariq's 20 Questions

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