James's 20 Questions


What is the character’s Sex? Male

What is the characters physical size? 5 foot 7, slim build

What is the colour of the character’s hair, eyes, and skin? Shaved head, dark eyes.

What is the character’s general appearance? He tries to dress well, but he is colour blind. He overcompensates for this by buying Tres Chic clothing, however the colours rarely match.

Where was the character born? In San Francisco.

When was the character born? : 29th February 2031 (25 years old)

What was the character’s family? Yamamoto Tsunetomo is the percussionist in a band with his cousins, they play the Shadowrunner clubs of San Francisco. His father was an abusive alcoholic, his mother left him when she was almost due to give birth and with the help of her family disappeared into San Francisco. She never registered her child for fear that the estranged father would find them. He grew up never having known his father, however, the close bond with other members of his immediate family living in the area meant he didn’t grow up lonely.
The father’s whereabouts are unknown, it is not known if he is still alive. He has never made any attempts to make contact, as far as Tsunetomo is aware.

Has the character begun their own family? Not yet.

Where or how was the character educated? Homeschooled by family – mother didn’t want father to find out where he was in the early years, she relied on close network of family and friends to help bring up her son. His magical skills were nurtured by a trusted Japanese mage who became a friend of the family, he also taught drums. Sadly he was killed in mysterious circumstances when Tsunetomo was 20. Tsunetomo came to his house, as he did every evening for lessons, to find his mentor locked in his study, his skin flayed from his body, with no other signs of disturbance to the room.

Has the character ever done anything else for a living? No, just playing music, solo and with the band, to earn a bit of extra money alongside running the shadows.

What are the character’s political and religious beliefs? Follows the Shinto religion – though not as studied in it as he could be. He is passionate about connecting the modern day Japanese people to their historical roots. He distrusts metahumans, but providing they are of Japanese decent and given enough time, he comes to trust and value them.

What is the character’s moral code? He puts himself and his family first, his bond to his blood relatives is unbreakable. He is also deeply committed to his friends. He won’t start fights or act aggressively, however, he is more than happy to defend himself or those he loves with any force required. He has no qualms with killing, as long as it’s not a family member or friend.

Does the character have any goals? He wants to find out who killed his mentor. And how. And why.

Why does the character run the shadows? He runs the shadows because he wants to experience the excitement of the runs. He wants to use his magical ability to bring himself money and power. He wants to earn the respect of his family and be seen as a heroic man of honour.

What is the characters personality? He is excitable and passionate. Classic drummer. People often mistake this for foolishness, however, he is an intelligent and powerful mage, who takes his art (both magic and music) very seriously.

What special qualities does the character possess? He is loyal, fun loving and quick with a joke. He has studied mainly the manipulation spells, but is also able to unleash powerful destructive magics. He is also trained in healing magic.

Are there certain things the character just cannot do? Hurt his friends, or family – either physically or emotionally.

What does the character hate? Boredom, stupid people, his father.

What does the character love? His family, his friends, his drum kit.

What are the characters names? Yamamoto Tsunetomo (山本 常朝)

James's 20 Questions

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